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ScratchPad+1 adds many features to bring ScratchPad to the next level of usability. Multiple widget sizes are offered and paged support is added to the Smart Widget. Drawing widgets are also available (not available on the free version). Despite these feature additions, ScratchPad still remains simple.

If you're on an android device, get ScratchPad+1 or ScratchPad+1 Free now.

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QR Code for ScratchPad+1

QR code for ScratchPad+1 Free:

QR Code for ScratchPad+1 Free

screenshots/videos (ScratchPad+1)

widget screenshot edit screenshot

ScratchPad Basic

No launcher icons.

No options.

No fancy graphics.

Just one giant text box and a 2x2 widget.

If you are on an android device, go to the app in the market.

screenshots (ScratchPad Basic)

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Compare Versions

ScratchPad Basic ScratchPad+1 Free ScratchPad+1
Price FREE FREE $1.00 (USD)
Basic Text Widget
Smart Text Widget
Draw Widget
Multiple Sizes
Ads No Ads yes No Ads
Android 1.6 and better
Android 1.5